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Dear family, Although there is a blanket invitation to all the parishioners to attend the Mass+… activities, I wanted to extend a personal invitation to each of you. I try to attend each and every Mass+… event. I find it so convenient as I am already attending Sunday Mass to just stay a bit little longer. I realize this time frame is most convenient for those that attend the 9am Mass. Those that go to the 11am Mass have to arrive about an hour earlier and to those who attend the Vigil Mass on Saturday this probably isn’t a convenient time. However, let me point out all of the benefits to joining your fellow St. Ann family members each Sunday morning all year long (except for the summer months). Fellowship for one; getting together with old friends and meeting new ones. Delicious treats made by the St. Ann baker ministry. Coffee, hot chocolate or bottles of water to quench your thirst. But the greatest thirst quenched is that of knowledge. We are all called to “know, love & serve God;” I don’t think it matters what stage in life you are in, we can all grow in knowledge. Young, middle age or older, we can still learn things. Maybe you will learn something you had forgotten, or to hear it now and it touches your heart in a different way. Maybe you ask a question or make a statement that helps someone else grow in their faith – WOW; that would be amazing. No matter the convenient or inconvenient, won’t you consider joining me at Mass+…? I pray that you do. Either way, I will always be praying for you. God bless.” Cindy Lyon