What is the Neighborhood Network (NN) you ask? It is a ministry that we were planning on rolling out last Spring but then the pandemic took over. The planning never stopped and it is a ministry that we wish we had in place before everything shut down. The NN is about taking care of our … Continued

“If Jesus is in your heart, please notify your face.”

St. Ann has a Hospitality Team that acts in many ways. But is that Team solely responsible for the hospitality of the entire parish? That is their main focus, but the responsibility of being a welcoming, hospitable parish is on all of us. We know that we are not doing the Sign of Peace during … Continued

Advent: Exercising Good Stewardship of Our Spiritual Lives

As a continuation from last week’s bulletin article about how Christ is calling us to be good stewards of all that we have and all that we are. Here are some additional possibilities to help us focus on the fundamentals of stewardship, of spiritual growth and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ? Do you … Continued

Advent: Exercising Good Stewardship of Our Spiritual Lives

When you say the word “Advent,” what immediately pops into mind? A feast of color, a traditional manger scene bathed in soft candlelight, glistening snowflakes falling on festive trees, a yearning for the One who is to come. But sometimes, the season brings other images: crowded stores, treats that tempt us to too many calories, … Continued

Transform Thanksgiving this Year

Very soon Americans will celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays. Even during these uncertain times, we will have the urge to gather for sumptuous meals highlighted by turkey and pumpkin pie, traveling to and from the ancestral home, enjoying family, feasting on leftovers and perhaps even watching football. For many of us, Thanksgiving Day is so full … Continued

Stewardship of Time

Time – we all have it. How we choose to use our time is a completely different matter. Family, work, school, sports, leisure, faith and on and on. The demands on our time is never-ending. Life gets in the way and messes up our “schedule.” We cannot control many of those life events, but how … Continued

The Pavilion is underway…

The Pavilion is under construction… Tim  Clifford, our Stewardship and Development Director, started a program last year to get your feedback on those challenges and one of the results was our Pavilion Project! We are looking to the future and this project is a result of our first convocation to give our youth and young … Continued

STEWARDSHIP AND PUBLIC LIFE: Bringing the Good News to all Creation

With the presidential election upon us, it is more important than ever for mature Catholics to be mindful of their responsibilities to exercise good stewardship over their neighborhoods, communities and society by participation in the public life of our country. Jesus said that we, his disciples, are the light of the world. We must not … Continued

Stewardship of Time

Gift of Time Everyone’s time is limited, thus giving up your time for something new can be a real sacrifice. It can be overwhelming sometimes just to find time to be with those you care for most. Being a steward of time, though, requires you to decide what is important and make time for your … Continued